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Hope Charitable Foundation : Inspiring Hope to those who need it the most.

HOPE is an Australian charity that started in June 2015 in Adelaide. HOPE charity is made up of a bunch of cousins who couldn’t sit back anymore and witness the suffering of people both locally and globally but instead wanted to take an active role in helping people in need. We thought starting a charity would be easy, fundraising would be easy and helping others in need would be easy too. Some of it has been easy, and the rest has definitely been worth it.

Setting up the charity involved a lot of learning along the way. What registrations do we need? Do we need licences? What type of entity do we set up? With so many charities out there and not knowing who to trust or where donations are going, it was really important for us to set up a transparent, ethical and trusted charity. We are so proud to be a registered Australian Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), it was a long process and a long wait but definitely worth it. If you want to know if a charity you are supporting is registered with the ACNC you can look them up on their website.

From the beginning there was no question that HOPE charity was going to be set up as a not-for-profit charity with all the profits from our fundraisers going directly to people in need.

We started off just wanting to help anyone in need and the many worthy causes out there but soon realised that the world and the scale of need that exists was far too big. So we decided to run individual projects focused on one cause at a time. Our first project is the Syria Project focused on helping those living in Syria that are hungry, with no home or clothing and little to no hope. This has been our most challenging task yet and continues to be our biggest challenge. We have brainstormed so many ways to directly help the people in Syria, through other charities, by sending containers of food, blankets and clothing, sending money directly to our trusted family in Syria to distribute and even going there ourselves, unfortunately each one of these ideas has proved difficult and we have encountered so many hurdles and road blocks as there is no guarantee that the money or goods we send will make it to the people in need, even the large and trusted charities we have spoken with cannot make this guarantee, while working directly with our family has proved to be too risky as it would put their lives in danger.

Helping the people of Syria is very close to our hearts. Much of our family history is embedded in Syria – it is where our parents and grandparents were born and many of our family members are still living there. We will always remain committed to the Syrian project and we know that with our unwavering commitment and dedication, we would find a way to help, and we did.

Although we are very much focused on assisting the Syrian people, we are also acutely aware of the many people in need in our own communities. For this reason, in all of our work we intend to support projects both locally and globally.

We see working alongside established and trusted charities as a great way to expand on their resources and fill any gaps they may have in the services they provide. HOPE charity is a proud partner with Hutt St Centre and Move Charitable Foundation both of which are charities that started in Adelaide. We are working on projects in partnership with both of these charities to help people in need. The money we raise through fundraising will go directly towards these projects; assisting the homeless in Adelaide, and our next project planned to support the people of Zambia. We will continue to partner with charities and hold various projects locally and globally, working together in helping those who need it the most.

HOPE Charity is set up to help people in need; we focus on one project at a time and hold a corresponding fundraiser with 100% of the profits going directly towards that project. Sometimes we will directly help people in need and sometimes we will work alongside a partner charity in achieving our goal. Running individual projects for different causes means that we can be a part of making a difference in so many areas; it also means that you can choose what project you want to contribute to and be part of helping us make that difference.

HOPE charity is a group of committed members who together with our volunteers, sponsors and each and every person who donates, have the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. We invite you to join us.

Recent Fundraising & Events

Sweets for Syria

Target to be raised from the Sweets for Syria project: $1,000.00 Hopefully! We have created and packaged the delicious Syrian treat, balawa, and the Christmas classic gingerbread...
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HOPE Coast FM radio interview

Our Team was lucky enough to be invited to Coast FM to chat about our charity. You can listen to the interview here where Helen & Ben share there insights on what we are about.

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Happy New Year!
Wishing everyone a wonderful year, and much peace and love in the world 💛

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Charity Bowling Event!
It was such a great day bowling and raising funds for Homelessness in Adelaide. Thank you to everyone who joined us!
We needed to raise $1000 to finish the project, and along with canned fruit & coffee and lots of support, together we did!
Turns out we are not very good at taking photos at events - only wish we took photos of all of you :)

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